Let’s party like it’s 1987

In 1987, I celebrated the birth of my first daughter and cried at the outcome of the general election. In 2019, I celebrated the birth of my second granddaughter. Once again, the people have spoken. Or have they?

After the shock of the exit poll and the harsh reality of the result; I am left looking at the data and believing that, yet again, it is the system that is the real winner.

Beneath the ‘huge swing’ from 318 to 365 Conservative MPs lies a tiny shift in voting. A shift from 42.5% to 43.6%. The swing in power from such a tiny change in mood is frightening.

The winner takes all, leaving so many losers. For now I, among so many others, must accept the result as something I cannot change. But that does not mean that I’m not still sad and angry!

For now, it’s time to enjoy the peace, love and joy of Christmas. But my hope for 2020 is to find a way of working positively towards changing things I cannot accept.

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