Running through the woods

A bright early spring morning. The sun shines in at the windows. It breaks through the fingerprints on the panes; highlights the dust dancing in the air. I could stay indoors and wage battle on the dirt, but it seems a little early for spring cleaning. I’m not expecting visitors. Even if I were, I would likely wave an arm around a hastily tidied room whilst issuing a vague apology for my standards of housekeeping.

I choose to put myself on the other side of the dusty windows. Cleaning windows is, by his own choice, one of Mr A’s jobs. He enjoys it. Almost as much as our grand-daughters enjoy leaving face and hand prints on the glass. It’s not a day for staying indoors, I get ready to go for a run.

Halfway through the door, the phone rings. I hesitate. Who rings the house phone these days? Sellers, ‘just carrying out a survey in your area’; fraudsters, claiming to be my internet provider…

I give in and answer. A pleasant, if delaying, surprise. For a change it’s a friend, seeking clarity on a date. More usually resolved by a quick text, it turns out that it is quite nice to take the time to chat.

I run away from town and into the woods. I am cheered by the light filtering through the trees, and by the snowdrops bursting into flower. My head clears and my thoughts unravel. The steady rhythm of running always straightens my thinking. The endorphins are doing their work. I run out of the woods, aware that last week’s knee pain seems to have passed; possibly helped by the consumption of large quantities of pineapple. The sadness that I feel reading my newspaper has not diminished, but at least I am able to find some respite.


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