A new decade

2019 ended, as it had begun, with an afternoon walk along the canals at Marple. The year felt well bookended; we had travelled a full circle. Then a trip northwards and 2020 began with friends and a conga through a quiet Lake District village, closely followed by a game of Linkee. Meticulous marking by the question master made it a very late night.

Four of us agreed that we would be out bright and early for the local park run. To be fair, it wasn’t that early (10.30) and we weren’t that bright. But we were there. Whinlatter Forest: a hilly route, tough at the best of times. Fuelled by much Prosecco and little sleep, it was a challenge. We were 4 among 421 runners, a record number for the course.

It being New Year’s Day, we all achieved a personal best for the year. It was actually my slowest recorded park run. It would have been slower but for the encouragement of Sue, running hard on my heels to the finish. I did achieve the personal milestone of completing my 60th park run whilst still being 60. The weekend’s plan, of course, includes reaching 61 park runs before my next birthday.

By the time we returned to the village, those who had not run were ready for a walk. Any remaining cobwebs of the old decade were well and truly blown away by a march along the coffin road above Loweswater.

We tried to avoid spoiling the day talking politics. Surprisingly, we were reasonably successful. Over the course of the walk, talk inevitably turned towards new year resolutions and intentions. Some will be doing dry January; others veganuary. By the end of the day, this granny had somehow signed up for two undulating 10k runs before Easter… the resolution being to actually train for them and not to simply turn up on the day wondering how I got there.

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