Virtual writers, not robots

September again, another academic year underway. It’s different this autumn with many activities remaining in the virtual world. The Friday writing class has now been re-branded as a virtual writers’ group.

‘What is a virtual writer?’ I pondered as I logged on this morning.  It seems the perfect excuse for not producing the homework or delivering the finished piece. I’m not a real writer, just a virtual one. It’s all there in my head, in that beautifully crafted sentence; carved out as I run or walk in the edge-lands of our town. Elusive when I have paper and pencil to hand.

This group has become a real source of inspiration, support and friendship. There are no guilt trips or judgements. Constructive critique moves us forward together and for that I am grateful. ‘Rambling Rose’ referred to my regular blogging this morning, nudging me to remember that it might have become more erratic of late.

That’s maybe just additional evidence that I am not a robot.  Along with many others, I had a bad experience with the Covid-19 testing site a couple of weeks ago. I managed to get the required test, which arrived late in the day, but failed in my efforts to convince the website that I was not a robot. With not much time to spare before the last post, I ended up in another call centre queue. If I had been a robot, I would probably not have suffered the same level of frustration with the website. Being human, I was yet again grateful for the understanding and helpfulness of a real person.

Autumn in the edge-lands

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