Lockdown 2, day 1

Here we go again: four weeks of national lockdown in England.

There’s a sense of déjà vu. We set off back in March to do those three weeks of lockdown which staggered on for three months or more. We walked our way through Lent, celebrated Easter and family birthdays on Zoom; enjoyed the lighter evenings and lengthening days; saw leaves and blossom grow. We stayed close to home, talked more with our neighbours and celebrated VE day with a physically distanced street party.

I committed to get to the end of that first lockdown with no regrets as to how I’d used the time. For the most part I achieved that. I missed time spent with my daughters and granddaughters, but that was forbidden and out of my control. And it made their company very special throughout the late summer days.

Now it’s nearly Advent, the days are shorter again and the evenings are dark. Leaves are yellow, gold and brown; hawthorn trees are laden with crimson berries.

Whether it’s four weeks or more, I’m committed again to not wasting a day. I’ve challenged myself to walk the length of the Camino de Santiago. Over the last 25 days, I’ve walked 125 miles: an average of five miles per day. This morning, I walked out along the old railway line and clocked up another ten miles. If the autumn weather is kind, I will be adding to that total over the next month.

The weather was great today: this would have made a perfect night for the town’s bonfire and firework display if it was allowed.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown 2, day 1

  1. Sally, wonderfully reflective writing. You encapsulate your experience of the first lockdown really well, picking out those moments that resonated – and framing it with significant dates within the calendar. Well done on you walking challenge. The photographs capture autumn in all its glory


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