Fail, fail again, fail better

Leaves shine golden in the sunshine. An invitation from a perfect autumn day to scrunch amongst acorns, beechnuts and conkers carpeting the paths. I’m always pleased to kick through fallen leaves.

Four years ago, on a wet October day, I ran my first, and only, marathon. (You may ask, how do you tell if someone has ever run a marathon? It’s easy, they won’t stop telling you.) It was a day of exhaustion, exhilaration and continuous bouncing rain. The weather for that run was very different this year: a perfect day for running, not too hot, not too cold and even better, it stayed dry.

Thirteen weeks ago I set a goal, made a plan to return to the route for the shorter ‘just ten miles’. Having a goal got me back into my running shoes, back to the parkrun. The training started well, continued through August. I even drafted in granddaughter1 to cycle along the disused railway line as I ran behind her. She was rewarded for her achievement with an ice cream at the far end of the route.

Now, #thisgrannyruns taunts me from the redundant running number lying on the kitchen table, never to be pinned onto a running vest. No excuses, it just didn’t happen. I’ve not been idle, I’ve walked many hilly miles with Mr A and friends. It’s just that training drifted, energy diminished, plans were disrupted. Something was missing. The drive, the motivation, the get up and go, had gone. It’s there, on the results sheet, ‘Did not start’.

I was there at the finish, as spectator and supporter ready to cheer daughter1 over the line. She, and all the other runners, have my respect for the effort they sustained. Not just in running on the day, but in building the physical strength and mental stamina for this achievement.

This year, I failed to make it to the start; but, I’m learning to fail wisely. I’ve deferred my entry to next year. The 365 day countdown to the start line has begun…


One thought on “Fail, fail again, fail better

  1. To have run a marathon is a fantastic achievement…that’s all I’m going to say on the matter – apart from in this you have succeeded mightily!.
    Love your reflections here – speaks to everyone about motivation, and how we adapt to each challenge along the way


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