Ode to missing joy

The news last week (apart from coronavirus and brexit eve celebrations or sadness) seemed to focus on the possible advantage given to elite runners by Nike’s vaporfly shoes. Apparently, they could give an unfair advantage and shave seconds off race times. I watched with interest, as if those vital seconds would make a significant difference to a plodding granny.

I kept on running this week, in my supportive Saucony shoes; ideal for those who over pronate (loosely translated by the man in the shop as running like a girl). I kept on running despite pain from my IT band: nothing to do with computers, but leg ligaments known only to physiotherapists and long distance runners who fail to stretch adequately. Symptoms include excruciating pain in the knee and hip. It doesn’t help my mood. It is relieved by anti inflammatory drugs, stretching, ice and massage.

I’ve always been addicted to pineapple, craving it sometimes after a run. I was therefore pleased to learn that it does allegedly have anti-inflammatory properties. (Science: it contains the enzyme bromelain.) So, I won’t be rushing out and investing in vaporflys this weekend; I probably won’t be rushing anywhere. But I will be buying pineapples. And trying to remember the post run stretch.

Hopefully the pineapple may also have some mood lifting properties. In a weekend where Ode to Joy topped the download charts, having been largely purchased by those feeling little joy, I confess that I also am struggling to feel the joy today. But I will continue to have faith and hope; and my prayer today is to find some joy in finding a way to begin working towards a fairer and more peaceful world.


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