Hide and seek

Amongst all the news coverage of Coronavirus, I do confess that the introvert side of me has been quite tempted to self isolate for a day or two this week.

This granny is a true ambivert; I love the company of others, but need time alone to recharge my energy supplies. I’ve enjoyed a week of wonderful company and the weekend ahead will bring more. The truth is that I have had many treats all crashing into one another, and for that I can only be grateful.

The time that I have been alone this week has included my running time. So much for keeping up the training for the just10k runs this spring. It’s less than two weeks until the first one and I spent almost as much time on Monday looking for my running shoes as I did out on my run. They were hiding in the rucksack which I had taken to the gym a week ago.

Wind, snow and indolence kept me indoors last week. This week, I have managed to run twice, covering a total of 16k, both with a good hill climb in the middle. Neither run was the full 10k but I’m not too anxious about my ability to complete the distance.

I just hope that the finishing line marshals don’t mind too much hanging around waiting for the slow finishers. I’ve not been last yet, but there’s a first time for everything.

No one happy to chat today?

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