This granny doesn’t run…

Hands are washed raw, nails flaking away under the hot water tap, hoping that it’s not our turn next to catch the virus. Granddaughters had a different sort of bug last week, keeping their sociable mum indoors. Solitary confinement is one thing, housebound with two small children quite another.

A big question mark hung over whether our family would make it to the lakes for the first of our 2020 just10k runs. It was a big decision, silly to take the little girls away from home unnecessarily but we did want to run… we pontificated for a while, would some of us go and some of us stay?  We decided, we would all stay and have a family weekend at home. We could maybe do a double lap at the parkrun to make up the distance; or we could opt instead for a Saturday morning lie-in.

In the way of these things, as soon as our choice was made the email came through. The organisers had decided to cancel the event, or at least to postpone it. A wise move, since it necessitated 250 sweaty runners gathering within the confines of a small school.

The care home where my mum lives has locked its doors to visitors. She will, no doubt, be feeling quite trapped and lonely without her regular succession of visitors. Another tough decision, but again necessary, and quite likely reminiscent of her earlier life as an evacuee separated from her family.

Meantime, having not been out running this week, this granny does need to be reminded to get back out there and keep up the distance for the second just10k next month.

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