Forty years ago, in a time of high unemployment and economic decline, I was faced with an existential crisis. What to do with my philosophy degree?

With few openings available, I responded to a comment addressed not to me but to a fellow student (male): ‘You’ve not shut the door to accountancy.’
‘So, I could do it even with Philosophy?’
‘Er, yes’ came the response, ‘But the exams are very hard…’ The unsaid ‘for a girl’, clearly written on his face, hung in the air between us.

I took it as a challenge. I passed the exams, no resits required. It wasn’t a perfect career path, but I made it work and achieved a reasonable work life balance. I confess that I did spend most of my career waiting to be found out as an imposter. I think I got away with it.

Moving on now, towards an encore to accountancy, I have started to write. With some encouragement, I have dared to describe myself as a writer on my Linkedin profile. I’ve been longlisted in a couple of competitions, started blogging, and contributed regularly to Friday Flash Fiction. I write, therefore I’m a writer.

I’m still waiting to be revealed as an imposter.

I know I’m not alone. I’ve walked this week with a wonderful young woman who has recently started a new role. And no, she is not just as good as they believe her to be; she’s much better than that.

Friday Flash Fiction – Friday Flash Fiction

2 thoughts on “Imposters

  1. Sally, you are most definitely a writer (and also I have noted many times a true philosophical thinker!) I must have missed this story ‘Daily Bread’. Please send it to me so we can share it on Friday? Well done on another successful Friday Flash


  2. I love this – firstly it reminds me of being 17 and articled to a firm of accountants – the first girl they had ever employed other than the typists and cleaners. Unfortunately I didn’t pass all my exams and left to learn to be private secretary, which I loved – it annoys me though that my male employers will have gloated that I couldn’t make the grade in their world. Ironically years later I was able to draw on what I had learned during those years, now working in a finance based role. Secondly this piece reassures me that I am not alone in suffering from imposter syndrome!


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