Mistaken wisdom

I’ve made lots of mistakes over the years. I have a bad habit of storing even the smallest of them in my head and punishing myself.

For too long, I was haunted by the harsh voice of an audit manager who, back in the days of handwritten ledgers, ridiculed my misspelling of ‘stationery’. I learned from that mistake, I don’t think that I have misspelled the word since that day: if you buy it from a stationers, it’s stationery. It’s only stationary, if it isn’t going anywhere.

I would much rather be known as a voice of encouragement than of correction. If I am a voice of cruel correction in anyone else’s head, I am very sorry. I will apologise, unreservedly.

Carrying critical voices in my head, confusing simple mistakes and failed efforts for my own complete incompetence feeds the imposter monster. I’m learning to fight it. I’m battling my fear of failure. I don’t always win, but I will keep fighting the monster.

My prayerful hope is that, one day, I might become a wise old woman. Wise enough to admit my own mistakes and lack of knowledge; wise enough to keep on learning. I’m working on it. I’m a work in progress.

PS Today, I also learned about ‘fronted adverbials’. They have strangely been in the news a lot this week. I curiously asked a teacher about this. She wisely gave me an answer. I happily learned from her and excessively used them here.

One thought on “Mistaken wisdom

  1. Beautifully reflective and measured contemplation. I came to understand stationery/stationary quite late in life…I stumbled across my error quite accidentally. If someone feels the need to call out the simple mistakes in a crass and insensitive way it says much more about that person than the person who simply misspells something.
    Surprisingly, I’m loving the fronted adverbials


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